How to Report an Online Incident in Your Country

What do you do if you or your child experiences an online incident?

Parenting in the digital age is no different than ‘regular’ parenting and one of the first things that a parent must do is to note the contact information for emergency (online) services, just like you do in the offline world. What parent doesn’t know the emergency number to call for firefighters or police?

This How-To contains all the contact information that you need in the event of a digital emergency in France, Canada, Belgium, the US and the UK.

And I hope that you NEVER EVER need them. Period.

As an Internet enthusiast, I encourage children and young people to enjoy (age appropriate) technology and I provide lessons on digital citizenship so that they can use technology and the Internet in a responsible manner. Despite these precautions, it is inevitable that something inappropriate will happen. While I sincerely hope that the degree of the incident is minor and nothing more than a few...

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