Digital Parenting Course for tweens 9-12 years

The Digital Parenting Course for tweens aged 9-12 years old is designed to help you establish healthy digital boundaries for your tweens and navigate the specific parenting concerns that you will have for keeping your preteens safe in this digital age.

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Parenting 9-12 year old

How to parent in the digital age: a parenting guide for tweens


For kids aged 9-12 years old, screen time and digital devices are going to be an increasingly regular part of their daily lives.

The tech that tweens have at their fingertips can be a great tool for helping them complete school assignments, homework and even aid some forms of social interaction.

However, a lack of screen balance can begin to impact their wellbeing and even lead to problems with sleep and concentration.

Being a responsible digital age parent now will help you and your family to establish a healthy relationship with technology that will set your tweens on the right path for maintaining that right through into their teen years.

This course for digital parenting of preteens will cover topics of concern such as:

  • responsible use of smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • responsible video gaming
  • handling cyberbullying
  • responding to peer pressure
  • trusting parents for support
  • managing screen time and setting healthy digital boundaries.

The Digital Parenting Course for tweens gives you access to age-specific resources and a digital community to help guide you through digital age parenting for tween-aged children aged 9-12.

What’s the recommended screen time for tweens aged 9-12 years old?

For preteen-aged children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) doesn’t place a specific limit on screen time, particularly as devices will be playing an increasing role in their educational activities. However, they do recommend that ‘consistent limits’ are placed on tweens’ use of devices.

What age is it appropriate for a child to have a smartphone?

On average, kids typically get their first smartphone between the ages of 12 and 13. Exactly which age is appropriate for your child to have their first smartphone will be a decision that’s personal to you and your family. However, what is crucial is to establish with your child what responsible smartphone use looks like, to work out which parental controls you may need to implement on their devices and to set clear boundaries around screen time.

What age is it appropriate for tweens to use social media?

Generally speaking, having access to social media is only recommended for children aged 13 and over. However, the actual appropriate age for a child to use social media differs per platform. There are social media platforms that have been specifically designed for children and tweens under the age of 13. For a more in depth discussion about these platforms, how to keep your kids safe on them and the risks and issues facing tweens and devices, purchase the 9-12 years Pod.

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