Digital Parenting Course for teenagers aged 13-17 years

The Digital Parenting Course for teens aged 13-17 years old is designed to help you establish healthy digital boundaries for your teenagers and navigate the specific parenting concerns that you will have for keeping your teens safe in this digital age.

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Parenting 13-17 year old

How to parent in the digital age: a parenting guide for teens


Parenting a teenager can certainly feel challenging at the best of times, now add into the mix the fact that you are parenting during a digital age, and you’ve got some complex life experiences that you and your teen are going to be navigating.

No doubt your teenagers are already pretty tech savvy and know their way around a whole host of digital devices and social media. However, it’s crucial not to let them out into the digital world alone. Checking in with them, what their experiences are and reinforcing healthy digital boundaries are all part of being a responsible digital parent or guardian.

This course for digital parenting of 13–17-year-olds will cover topics of concern such as:

  • responsible use of social media
  • responsible online video gaming
  • handling cyberbullying and peer pressure
  • handling inappropriate content
  • sexting, porn, and sexuality
  • managing screen time and setting healthy digital boundaries.

 Parenting teenagers course gives you access to age-specific resources and a digital community to help guide you through digital age parenting for teenagers.

What’s the recommended screen time for teens aged 13-17 years old?

There’s no specific screen time limit recommendedby the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for teenagers. However, for any child over the age of five, they do recommend that ‘consistent limits’ are placed on the use of devices.

It’s likely that screen time is going to play a prominent part in your teens educational and social activities, so deciding exactly what those limits look like (and for which activities) is going to be a decision that’s personal to you and your family.

Is social media good for teens?

As with anyone using social media, it can be good and bad for our wellbeing, and teenagers are no exception.

Social media can be great for teens as it can help them to build and maintain friendships, explore their creativity and identity, as well as connect with and learn more about the wider world.

However, the ill effects of too much screen time, cyberbullying, peer pressure and access to inappropriate content are all important issues that you will need to help your teen to navigate.

How peer pressure affects teens

Peer pressure has always been a tricky life experience for any teenager to handle. Now that socialising and the potential for peer pressure is right at your teen’s fingertips thanks to digital devices, it’s something that has the potential to have a huge impact on them.

Peer pressure can negatively affect teens by encouraging them into inappropriate behaviours and actions (such as sexting, sharing inappropriate images of themselves and others, cyberbullying and so on).

Even if your teenager is managing not to succumb to peer pressure, this alone could feel like a draining thing to do, meaning the mere presence of peer pressure could still be affecting their wellbeing.

How to talk to your teen about sexting, relationships and inappropriate content

Sexting usually refers to the sharing of sexually explicit images or messages via digital devices.

No matter how careful you are about putting restrictions and filters on your teen’s device, if they’ve got access to the internet and social media, then you can never assume that they won’t be able to access inappropriate content or engage in sexting.

Learn more about the risks that inappropriate content, sexting and online relationships can pose to your teen, as well as useful resources on how to navigate them with the 13-17 years Pod.

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