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Get equipped with the parenting skills and tools to confidently help your children embrace the digital world while staying safe and behaving responsibly.

Choose what you need - when you need it - and rest assured that all the strategies, best practices and resources are age-adapted, practical and easy to implement.

What is the age of your child? 

Click on the age-range for your child and purchase a parenting course that explores the issues, benefits and risks related to that age-range, followed by strategies and solution to guide you as a digital parent.

The ALL-IN-ONE Ultimate Digital Parenting Course contains everything you need to support your children from their early years until they become adults, so that you don’t need to spend hours searching - for answers that you needed yesterday.

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How Will The Digital Parenting Course Help My Family?

 No more fears that you won't know how to support your child in a digital drama.

✓ No more worries that your children will not know how to avoid icky online encounters.

No more tensions around screen time - no matter the age of your child.

Being online can help families stay connected, be entertained, learn, create, play, work and the list goes on!

Unfortunately, digital dramas can creep up in almost any online situation. However, if you set the right parameters, rules and communication early enough, you will have everything that you need to parent in the digital age.

And this is what the parenting course is all about. 

You will learn how to keep your children SAFE online – whether they are navigating the internet, playing video games or interacting on social media.

You will be given strategies to teach your kids to behave RESPONSIBLY online – from knowing how to look for information, to knowing how to interact respectfully with others when online.

You will discover how you can minimize the tensions and conflicts in your household, and how to find the right “screen time” balance for your family.

♡ What Parents Say About Elizabeth and her Parenting Courses

LAM, - United States

"Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, Elizabeth offers clear guidance to any parent raising children in the digital age, tracing a clear path so that we may raise autonomous, responsible, and socially conscious kids. She offers a plethora of tips on how to address both simple and complex challenges related to technology and digital literacy."

Delphine K. - Mum of 2, London

"Having access to Elizabeth has been so invaluable for me and my family. Her expertise and positive approach meant that we could cover our questions related to the digital life of our children. I went from feeling worried and guilty for not quite knowing how best to guide my kids online, to feeling confident, positive and in control."

Assil C. - International School of Paris

"I just wanted to thank you for your energy, humor, guidance, awareness and everything else you generated around the school yesterday.  Just like every year, the instant feedback from parents was amazing: 'It was indeed inspiring. I have already made some changes.' 'When is she coming back? Can we have another session?"

Jess C. - Mum of 2, London

"Wow, what Elizabeth doesn't know about internet safety, isn't worth knowing. I am loving her toolkit training. I feel so much more confident. The 'Courage' section of the 9C Skills module has been my favourite topic so far!! LOVE IT."

Kim M. - St. Germain en Laye

"Thank you again for giving us your time and speaking to our parents about online safety and raising responsible children in the digital age.  Everyone really appreciated it and we already received requests for a repeat performance."

Brett N. - Lisbon

"I was impressed by the way that Elizabeth established a rapport with our children and parents so quickly. It is important for children to feel they can talk in a safe space with adults and Elizabeth modelled that brilliantly for our teaching team." 

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