Guide your children to use the Internet well, to keep them safe online and prepare them to thrive in the digital world of tomorrow.

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. . . Worried about your teen not shutting down their smartphone?
. . . Concerned about your tween getting bullied online?
. . . Wonder if your toddler likes YouTube Kids a bit too much?

You are not alone! Many parents feel overwhelmed by new technology and the ever-changing Internet. My aim is to help parents like you gain confidence in parenting your children in the world of digital media. 

I am here to help you navigate the Internet, tech, gaming and social media world so that you can keep your children safe online and guide them to become responsible digital citizens.

I offer parents reliable, fun and innovative resources on Digital Parenting that remove the guilt, anxiety and frustration so that you can effectively guide your children on the digital highway.  I also host a FREE, closed group The Digital Parenting Community, where parents and caregivers discuss digital parenting issues daily with myself and other experts.

Every Digital Parenting Solution that I provide is tailored to bring you the support and encouragement you need to become confident Digital Mentors for your children.

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Watch Elizabeth's latest interview on France 24 with tips on screen balance for parents.  You can also download a resource sheet with all the website links, references and tips that she mentions during the show. 

And if you need more information or just want to send some good vibes, you can always send her an email at [email protected]


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Internet, tech and social media are daily tools for our children.  Stay on top of the digital adventure, by getting updates on the trends, challenges and issues of parenting in the digital age - in your inbox.

Free Resources

This guide book is 34 pages of must-have tips and resources.


A short reference including YouTube safety center and reporting.


A few pages of the book to help you get a conversation going.


Understand the Minecraft madness and impress your children.


Social Connections

"I was very inspired and empowered by Elizabeth's presentation 'Parenting in the Digital Age.' She is very eloquent and articulate, and her message really hit home! I really appreciate the fact that took the time to write up and provide handouts. I put the info next to my bed and read a bit each night and discussed it with my husband who was unable to come to the talk. Elizabeth's part of the presentation was a bit short due to the host's time restrictions, so I have decided to hire Elizabeth for 10 of my friends to do another workshop in my home (this time it will be 2 hours chock-full of info)!"

Robynne Pendaries
Mother of 2

"I am so grateful you spoke at our school last week! I feel so empowered to be a part of this journey, along with my four kids. Thank you for dedicating your life to protecting ours! "

ISP parent
Mother of 4

"Thank you so much for yet another amazingly informative session sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! What comes across is your genuine passion for your field and your sincere desire to raise awareness and educate the community. It is certainly reassuring to know that you are there for us to reach out to for clarifying our doubts and queries. It can get a bit of a challenge sometimes to stay updated and on top of things, especially with children of varying ages. Thankfully, they are mature and reliable. Plus they keep an eye on each other's activities and that comes in handy as an automatic checks and controls app! Even so, it is vital for families to stay aware of current and potential pitfalls as well as ways to prevent or tackle them."

Marymount parent
Nan, mother of 3

"Merci pour vos interventions et pour l'animation de cette rencontre. Ce format est à retenir. Nous avons apprécié votre introduction, votre écoute, votre positionnement en léger retrait qui a laissé place à des échanges fructueux. Les parents sont tous partis avec le sourire, et ont insisté et nous disant que ce fut un échange très fructueux, qui leur permettait de remplacer leurs inquiétudes ou dépassement dans un contexte plus global etc. Excellents retours ! Je dirais même que ce fut la meilleure réunion de ce type du point de vue de l'ambiance! "

Lycée-Collège Balzac
Isabelle D. et Christine B.


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