Elizabeth Milovidov, Ph.D., J.D.

Elizabeth is a mother of two tech-savvy little boys, an author, a lawyer, a law professor, a speaker, an eSafety consultant and a digital parenting advocate.

Elizabeth is an international speaker on Internet safety issues, leads parental workshops, writes on digital parenting, and coaches parents on best practices in the digital age. She regularly intervenes as an independent expert on Children’s Rights and the Internet and Digital Parenting for the Council of Europe and as an Expert member for the Working Group on Digital Citizenship Education.

She is a passionate writer about parenting in the digital age and she contributes to Internet Matters, UK Safer Internet Centre, Family Online Safety institute, DigiLitEY and many other key actors in online child protection.  She has several publications on parenting in the digital age available on Amazon and she co-wrote several publications for the Council of Europe, including the Internet Literacy Handbook and the Digital Citizenship Education Handbook. 

A graduate of UCLA and UC Davis, she practiced as a litigator in California for four years before moving to France to work as General Counsel in two Internet Technology companies. She earned a Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy and is an Assistant Professor at AGS and a lecturer at several universities in France and Geneva. 

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