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Helping your kids navigate the digital age we’re living in, no matter what stage of childhood they’re at, can feel like a daunting task.

I’ve created my series of digital parenting books to help you, as a parent or caregiver, feel confident and empowered when it comes to helping your children build healthy relationship with the tech and digital devices that are undoubtedly a part of their lives.

These easy-to-read guides contain lots of essential info, tips, tools, resources, and additional references for further reading to help you along the way. The whole book series is available on Amazon - click the book image to be taken to the purchasing page.

A guide to parenting in the digital age


The digital parenting guide book is full of fantastic advice and parent-friendly tips to help you on your journey to being a responsible digital-age parent or caregiver. Your job as a digital parent is to help your children become resilient to the chaos that can be found in the online world.

Help them understand what is right and wrong, and to provide them with a moral compass to navigate the digital highway.

You already do this offline; I’m here to help you bring it online.


Parenting guide on smartphone generation

From a young age, it’s essential to implement healthy boundaries with smartphones and to help your kids know how to use them appropriately and safely. This short guide is for busy parents and caregivers who are interested in learning more about smartphones and smartphone safety.

Whether you’ve got a child, tween or teenager, this workbook provides practical solutions for issues surrounding smartphones. The resources and recommended reading included in the guide have been curated from my work at an academic and governmental level.


A Parent’s Guide to YouTube and YouTubeKids

YouTube is a fantastic resource that can help nurture your child’s creative side. However, there’s plenty of content on there that we don’t want our kids getting in front of.

This guidebook is designed to help you navigate the bizarre and unsavory corners of the video sharing platform, whilst still allowing your children to benefit from all the cool things that YouTube provides.




A Parent’s Guide to Digital Detox and Disconnect

Screens are everywhere and helping your child establish healthy boundaries with the tech in their lives is one of the crucial responsibilities of a digital age parent.

Moderation, balance and truly living in the moment are the themes of this guidebook, both a reference book and a workbook, so that you can note down the ideas and suggestions that will work best for your family. Resources, recommended reading, and digital detox ideas are also shared throughout the guide to further your knowledge should wish you to delve deeper.


Digital Download Series

Each download contains more than 30 pages of research, discussion, and evidence-based solutions to a specific topic. Available for pre-order. 

Digital Parenting Scenarios & Strategies

Dealing with digital parenting scenarios along with suggestions, child online protection experts advice.


Babies & Toddlers Parenting Guide

Full of advice, resources and strategies on how to raise your babies and toddlers in the digital age.


Digital Guide for Anti-Racism & Anti-Hate

Supplement to the Anti-Racism and Anti-Hate online mini guide.


Downloadable Card Decks

Each deck is a downloadable, printable .pdf file that transforms into a card deck. Each card has a  question for parents to pose to their child. Available for purchase here. (click image)

Conversation Starter Books

These books are a spin-off of the conversation starter decks, but include additional space for notes and ideas in your digital parenting journey. Available on Amazon. (click image.)

Quick Reference Parenting Workbooks

Each workbook provides you with facts, best-practices, tips and  resources related to the different themes that may affect your digital families. Available on Amazon. (click image.)

Parenting eBooks

eBooks are only available in online format. Available on Amazon. 


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