Personalized Books

Mind and Matter was born with an emphasis on developing strong, psychologically proven messages combined with compelling graphic design that places your child at the centre of the story.

Parenting in the Digital Age Books

These easy-to-read guides contain the essentials that parents and caregivers NEED to know, including tools, resources and additional references for further reading. Available on Amazon. (Click image.)

Digital Download Series

Each download contains more than 30 pages of research, discussion, and evidence-based solutions to a specific topic. Available for pre-order. (Click image.)

Downloadable Card Decks

Each deck is a downloadable, printable .pdf file that transforms into a card deck. Each card has a question for parents to pose to their child. Available for purchase here. (Click image.)

Conversation Starter Books

These books are a spin-off of the conversation starter decks, but include additional space for notes and ideas in your digital parenting journey. Available on Amazon. (Click image.)

Quick Reference Workbooks

Each workbook provides you with facts, best-practices, tips and resources related to the different themes that may affect your digital families. Available on Amazon. (Click image.)

Collection: Entamer le dialogue

Cahiers d'exercices pour nos parents francophones. Disponible sur Amazon. (Cliquez sur une image.)


eBooks are only available in online format. Available on Amazon. (Click image.)

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