The Ultimate Digital Parenting Toolkit

Get equipped with the skills and tools to confidently help your children embrace the digital world while staying safe and behaving responsibly. 


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Online Safety

Responsible Online Use

Online Balance & Well-being

No more digital dramas to deal - with could have been prevented.

No more worries that your children will have icky online encounters.

No more tensions around screen time - no matter the age of your child.

All The Skills You Need To Guide Your Children Online

As a digital parenting coach and online safety expert, I’ve just about seen it all. Believe me.

I absolutely love what our digital world has to offer, but I have also had many conversations with parents the last 10 years that could have been avoided if parents had had the right knowledge BEFORE the digital drama occurred.  Conversations such as:

  • Helping parents remove photos of their children from social media platforms.  
  • Explaining rights and responsibilities of parents after their child was cyberbullied.
  • Walking parents through the steps to have in-app purchases removed from credit card statements.
  • Referring parents to child psychologists because their toddlers refused to eat without a tablet.
  • Providing "Gaming Addiction" resources and referrals.
  • Offering conversation starters on online sexuality, sexting and pornography so that parents could engage with their teenagers. 
  • And so much more.

Even though, I was able to provide families with resources and quick-fix patches, I realized that digital parenting, is no different than parenting in general - this is a long-term game. 

And that led me to create this toolkit: an all-in-one resource to provide families like yours with a solid foundation to raise your children confidently and safely online. Yes, your children CAN fully embrace the amazing opportunities that the digital world brings while increasing their resilience and ability to deal with challenging scenarios.


How The Toolkit Will Help You and Your Family

Being online can help families stay connected, be entertained, learn, create, play, work and the list goes on!

Unfortunately, digital dramas can creep up in almost any online situation but with the rights tools, parents can diffuse the situation.

Think of it this way: if you have the right knowledge, at the right time, how much more effective will your parenting be?

Simply put, if you set the right parameters, rules and communication early enough, you will have everything that you need to parent in the digital age.

And this is what the toolkit is all about. 

You will learn how to keep your children SAFE online – whether they are navigating the internet, playing video games or interacting on social media.

You will know how to teach your kids to behave RESPONSIBLY online – from knowing how to look for information, to knowing how to interact respectfully with others when online.

You will minimise the tensions and conflicts in your household, as you’ll know how to find the right “screen time” balance.

This all-in-one toolkit contains everything you need to support your children from their early years until they become adults, so you don’t need to spend hours searching for when you need answers.

And an added bonus, is that the toolkit contains reliable information and evidence-based best practices that I gathered for you so you don’t need to agonise over conflicting advice and information out there.

What's Inside: Toolkit Modules

Module 1: Before You Start - Family assessment on parenting style and screen time lifestyle.

Module 2: 9C skills - Learn the 9 skills that digital parents need in order to be confident, engage their critical thinking and have effective conversations with their children.

Module 3: Cool Stuff – Explore the fun, entertaining, creative and educational things that your children can do online.

Module 4: Areas of Concern - Examine different areas where digital parenting may be a challenge and I will offer solutions to come of your questions related to smartphones, social media, online video gaming and parental controls.

Module 5: Online Issues - Understand how to handle and diffuse digital dramas, such as cyberbulllying, cyberharassment, online racism and more.

Module 6: Age-related Themes - Discover online, age-specific themes according to the age of your child in four groups 0-3, 4-8, 9-12, and 13-17.

Module 7: Settings - Identify strategies to support your children wherever they may be – at school, on a playdate, with relatives or on their own.

Module 8: On Your Own - Receive the key resources for Safety Centers, Helplines, Hotlines and Community support that will help you as you continue in the digital parenting world.


Digital Parenting Coach -

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov, J.D.

Elizabeth is an international speaker on Internet safety issues, leads parental workshops, writes on digital parenting, and coaches parents on best practices in the digital age.

She is a consultant for the Council of Europe, Microsoft, UNICEF and e-Enfance, as well as a contributor to Internet Matters, UK Safer Internet Centre, Family Online Safety institute, and many other key actors in online child protection. 

She has several guides and workbooks on parenting in the digital age available on Amazon and she co-wrote several publications for the Council of Europe, including the Internet Literacy Handbook and the Digital Citizenship Education Handbook. 

See Elizabeth in Action!

What Parents Say 

"Having access to Elizabeth has been so invaluable for me and the whole family. 

Her expertise and positive approach meant that we could cover all the questions we had related to the digital life of our children, above all in this lockdown time.

I went into the session with feelings of worries and guilt for not quite knowing how best to guide my kids online, to feeling confident, positive and in control."

Delphine K. - Mum of 2, London

"I just wanted to thank you for your energy, humor, guidance, awareness and everything else you generated around the school yesterday. 

Just like every year, the instant feedback from parents was amazing:

'It was indeed inspiring. I have already made some changes.'

'When is she coming back? Can we have another session?'

Assil C. - International School of Paris


Groups, Associations and Businesses 

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