Digital Parenting Consulting 

Global perspectives to support digital families.

Corporate Workshops

We provide online workshops for your parent-employees on topics such as online safety, digital parenting, and digital wellbeing. 

You can also request tailored content for other digital issues relevant to your needs.

Clients include: Discovery, Cisco, SAP, Accenture, Torchlight, Grokker TV, to name a few.  Start your booking here or download a short flyer for more details.

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What our clients say


We brought Dr. Milovidov in to speak to our Black Employee Network about online racism and strategies to support our families, but we ended up expanding her remit to include online anti-semitism, homophobia and misogyny. 

The employee feedback was tremendous - “I completely and thoroughly enjoyed this session. I learned a great deal and am very impressed with Dr. Milovidov’s delivery."  "Her invigorating approach made a difficult topic much less heavy and a safe place to feel and view the information being shared."  We are looking forward to more speaking events.

Rick Isom, SAP Solutions Director


"Our Online Hate, Racism, and Harassment event was viewed by over 100 attendees, and we received excellent feedback about the content quality. 

It was a pleasure working with Elizabeth and we look forward to future collaboration opportunities."

CISCO, Connected Asian Affinity Network (CAAN)

Council of Europe

"Ms Milovidov has worked as a consultant on children and children's rights in the digital environment for the Council of Europe.

Her concrete knowledge of the issues at stake for children in the digital environment is a real asset, her dynamic presentation skills, meticulous approach in her deliverables and her outstanding personal skills have been a real asset for the work of the Children's Rights Division of the Council of Europe." 

Regina Jensdottir, Head of Children Right's Division

Corporate Courses, is an American-based on-demand wellbeing solution you can access from anywhere, anytime, on any device. 

GrokkerTV hosts my 9-module video course on pandemic parenting for corporate employees. For companies with less than 99 employees, please contact Grokker directly. 

Give Grokker a try and use my discount code for additional goodies.

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Corporate Services

Digital Parenting Consulting provides advisory services to governments, companies, associations and organizations involved in child online protection. Examples of non-confidential deliverables and projects are listed here (in no particular order).

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US Embassy 






Allen & Overy



Tone Networks


Internet Matters


EUN Schoolnet




Ministry, Qatar

Council of Europe

Download: Internet Literacy Handbook

Council of Europe

Download: Digital Citizenship Education 

Council of Europe

Download: online exploitation

Council of Europe

Download: Positive parenting strategies 


Download: children's digital rights  

COFACE Families Europe

Download: Cyberbullying report