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Kid Korner: Thoughts of Minecraft

online video games and gaming Feb 04, 2018

AUTHOR: Joanne Cammish

To understand the digital world: go to the source.

If you want to better understand a game or app that's aimed at young people, it's probably worth taking the time to find out about it from the player at source.

I decided to interview my nephew to get his thoughts on Minecraft. He is a reliable source as he been playing Minecraft for the last 5 years and from here on in will be referred to as Minecraft Guru or MG.  (He will really love reading that title.)

How did you discover Minecraft?

MG: My 'on trend' grandad (gaming grandad?!) introduced me to Minecraft a few years after its release in May 2009.

Should parents let their children play Minecraft?

MG: YES. Definitely yes.

What do you believe that parents need to know about Minecraft?

  • It's a creative, fun game to play or own.
  • It's educational and challenging, encouraging and motivating players to gain achievements through strategising, planning ahead, making decisions and reasoning in order to navigate through biomes (climate zone) and mobs (living, moving game entities – short for mobile.)
  • For the best, most up to date experience, use the PC version.
    MG recommends the following ages: 5+ for creative mode (everything at your fingertips) 7+ for survival mode (using inventory wisely)
    In-game chat and mobs are easily switched off. MG has only had good experiences using in-game chat.
  • MG suggests that if switched on, some mobs such as spiders and endermen might be a bit visually scary for younger children but he doesn't think they are too scary.
  • Recommends 1-2 hours maximum at any one time then do something else or rest your eyes especially from some of the biome colours e.g. The jungle biome is very green and might make your eyes feel weird if playing for too long.
  • Enjoy it!

MG played against a friend in survival mode just this morning. They were mining for diamonds and strategising in their own heads.

A bit of harmless fun between two mates. MG would also like to mention that his current craze is Pokemon!

Many thanks for your input MG.

Parents and caregivers, I would also recommend the following quick-fixes to get up to speed on Minecraft:

Please let us know how you're doing with Minecraft. We would love to hear from you. And if you have a question for MG, PLEASE do send it on!


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