Manage Minecraft Madness

Kids love Minecraft - and what's not to love? Kids can build, create, imagine worlds - the possibilities are limitless. 

After playing the game, chatting with kids (and parents), we created this free 15-page guide to help you understand how to play it, what are the benefits and risks and how to keep your child safe while they craft.

Grab your free guide and impress your kids by laying down some serious Minecraft lingo. (And in case you were wondering, we've got your privacy taken care of as well!)

Digital Mom, Consultant and Coach 

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I’m Elizabeth Milovidov, PhD, J.D. - an international speaker on Internet safety issues, leader of parental workshops, digital parenting writer and coach on best practices in the digital age.

Thank you for downloading my guide - you have so got this! 

You really, really do!


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