Guide your children in the digital age! 

Keep them safe, teach them responsible tech use, and empower them to thrive in the online world of today - and tomorrow.

Digital Parenting Coach and Consultant

Parenting your children during this digital age can sometimes feel like a daunting task. There’s just so much technology that we as parents must teach our children to use safely and responsibly, and to help them establish a healthy balance with.

Your digital parenting expert

I’m Elizabeth Milovidov, a digital safety expert, and my goal is to help parents and caregivers become emboldened in the digital age, so that they can help their children navigate technology and the online world safely.

Digital Parenting Resources 

I created Digital Parenting Coach to be an online hub of courses, books, strategies and solutions to allow parents to feel calm as they guide their children in digital activities and to feel encouraged that their kids can navigate the technological world responsibly.

Digital Parenting Courses

I have designed parenting courses, targeted to the key age groups of children, to help you and your young ones navigate the emerging concerns you may have around their interaction with technology.

The Digital parenting courses available include:

If you have children of different ages, or you wish to purchase all the courses at once, check out all my courses here.

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Digital Parenting Books 

The digital parenting resources also includes my 'Parenting in the Digital Age' book series.

These easy-to-read guides contain essential digital safety information for parents and caregivers, including what you need to know about YouTube and YouTube Kids, as well as how to ensure your family is achieving age-appropriate screen time and balance.

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Digitalem brings your favorite brands under one roof 

Digitalem is a combination of my passion and my name – digital Elizabeth Milovidov – and it’s where I bring your favorite digital parenting brands under one roof: Digital Parenting Coach, Digital Parenting Consulting, Digital Parenting Shop, Digital Safety Mom (TikTok channel) and Digital Parenting Community.

Digital Parenting Solutions and Updates

Internet, tech and social media are daily tools for our children.  Stay on top of the digital adventure, by getting updates on the trends, challenges and issues of parenting in the digital age as well as solutions to help you parent confidently in the digital age, to be a positive role model for your budding digital citizen and to gain some peace of mind - all delivered to your inbox.

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