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Guide your children to use the internet, games, and social media responsibly - while keeping them safe online AND preparing them to thrive in the digital world.

Hey there, you are NOT alone!

Parenting in the digital age is being pushed front and center

Parents around the world are grappling with finding balance and raising responsible children who can use technology safely. 

You may be feeling frustrated and a wee bit anxious with all the extra online activities available to your family.  You are the parent of a digital child and you want to feel more at ease regarding their activities. And while you don’t know what the answer to your problems is just yet … you certainly know what the answer ISN’T.

  • It’s not instigating a full-on tech shutdown, where your child will never, ever, see or touch a screen again.  After all, it is pretty difficult to teach a child to drive safely, if they never touch a car. 
  • It’s not throwing in the towel and letting your child stay online, play games, chat on social media whenever they want, with whomever they want and at whatever time they want.  You want to find a way to provide guidance, as you know that your little people do not yet have the maturity, resilience, social and emotional skills to be able navigate ALL online situations on their own. 
  • You KNOW you need support to explain (as best as you can) online safety and screen balance, and allow your child to surf the net and use technology responsibly. 
  • You BELIEVE that technology can create opportunities, but you want to keep those risks down to a bare minimum.


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