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Encouragement and resources - post-COVID

digital parenting Oct 25, 2021


Believe it or not, this is NOT a post about Coronavirus or COVID-19. 

This is a post about support and resources and positive thinking to help all parents and caregivers as they adjust their lifestyles to an intensive digital period. 

At Digitalem (formerly Digital Parenting Coach) we are pulling more resources together to support you.  We have revamped our Instagram account, started a Digital Safety Mom channel on TikTok for the kids and, as always, our free FB group  The Digital Parenting Community has got your back!

  • We share the positive and good things that are happening in our digital families.
  • We exchange tried and true strategies on digital parenting, ranging from best educational apps, to best parental control apps, to almost full-proof screen time schedules (that one is always a work in process).
  • We listen, we support, we ask questions, we laugh, we cry and we do our darnedest to raise our children to be responsible digital citizens who know how to use technology, social media, online games and internet safely.

For those of you, who have been with me on this digital parenting journey since the beginning, you know that one of my slogans is "Don't Panic. Parent."

And never has a phrase been truer.  While some families are still living in isolation, (or easy out of lockdown), we are now working online, schooling online, maintaining family connections online, chatting with friends online, exercising online and doing just about anything else that we did IRL (in real life), ONLINE.

We can not panic. We must continue to parent our children as we revisit math fractions and fronted adverbials (I am not making this stuff up), we order groceries and essentials online, we adapt to working from home with limited internet bandwidth as the whole neighborhood connects at the same time, we receive message after message on our smartphones with updates, memes, jokes and scary statistics; we must continue to parent in this incredibly intensive digital age.

Now more than ever, technology is being thrown at you and I want to make sure that you don't freak out!

I want to make sure that you realize, that you know and that you believe you will make it to the other side!!

We've got your back! 


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