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Back-to-School Digital Habits

apps digital citizens Feb 03, 2018

Only three weeks into the school year and I feel the burning need to write yet another post about back-to-school digital habits.  Perhaps because I’m thinking that some parents out there are just not feeling the technology.  Or maybe because I think that there are parents out there cowering in kitchens (with a glass of wine) when they think about apps and ipads and games, oh my.

So the good news first: you are raising a child in the 21st century and unless you live in a hermetically sealed, self-contained and self-sustaining pod somewhere, your child will one day inevitably come into contact with technology.  And the simple truth is that technology IS changing education and your child will need to know these skills of the future.

Embrace the technology and get with the program.  (And when I mean embrace the program, I don't mean run out and buy an iPhone 6 plus for your 3 year old. But I do mean, understand that technology can be a good thing if you set limits and if you have age-appropriate technology for your child.)

Here are a few guidelines to help you get B@ck to School:

Educational Apps: There are some educational apps that are quite good.  They help your preschooler (10 best apps for 3-4 year olds) and primary school-age children (educational apps) learn by playing.  Whether it’s math, shapes of objects, letters – there’s an app for that.

Educational Games: Take your pick, between math games, reading games, puzzle games and more.  Just make sure to check the ratings and age appropriateness for the game. And also turn off those in-app purchase settings, just in case.

Technology in Schools: Does your school have a BYOD (bring your own device program)? If it doesn’t, do think about the advantages that such a program might bring to your school.

And the not so good news: you still need to monitor and set screen limits. Just because Little Bobby likes his Green Eggs & Ham ebook, doesn’t mean that he should watch it for three hours straight.

If you have a moment, do leave a comment and let me know the name of your child's favorite educational app or game.

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