Virtual Solutions

Everything You Need To Raise Your Children
To Use Internet Responsibly and Safely


Dive into UPDATED online videos and resources - at your own speed - to learn how to support your children in their digital lives and to get strategies that you can put in place immediately. 

Elizabeth explains the benefits, risks and digital parenting strategies to allow your families to responsibly use smartphones, tablets, online games, and social media.


Explore one specific theme (i.e., Fortnite, YouTube, etc.) to understand why your child is enthralled and learn strategies to reduce harmful effects while boosting online opportunities.

Elizabeth walks you through one specific theme and provides you with everything that parents should know so that their child can continue use responsibly and safely.


Discover the pertinent information that you need to guide your family in one complete downloadable resource. Current topics include babies and toddlers, anti-racism and digital parenting scenarios. 

Elizabeth provides you with detailed background information on each topic so that you are able to make informed choices for your digital family. 


Peruse a collection of books, workbooks and guides that offer parents practical, research-based insights on how to feel more confident, calm, and connected as they guide their families.

Elizabeth presents her insights in a clear, focused, down-to-earth manner to keep kids safe and parents sane while all enjoy the digital age adventure.


Online Toolkit

WHO:  This toolkit is for you if you feel that you don't know enough about the digital risks and benefits that your children are exposed to and you are not sure how you can teach them to act responsibly and safely when they are online. 

WHAT:  The UPDATED toolkit provides best practices and evidence-based research to guide you as you develop a family strategy for your children related to their online world (smartphones, social media, online video games and screen balance).  

HOW:  You can review the materials at your own pace. Each module provides extensive tips, videos and resources for further support. 


Online Mini-kits

WHO: A mini-kit is designed to give you targeted information about the risks and benefits on one online challenge or theme at a time.

WHAT: The mini-kit provides "everything that parents need to know" related to the theme and also identifies strategies to help you master that targeted challenge or theme.

HOW: Short videos and resources are provided for you to examine and review at your own pace.

Online Downloads

WHO: Anyone interested in raising their awareness of child online protection and raising a child in the digital age.

WHAT: Issues and themes identified by parents as key concerns are resolved in an easy-to-read, parent-friendly manner.

HOW: Best practices, guidance and support can be found in this downloadable pdf format. You will receive actionable guidance and easy-to-use resources in one simple download. 

Online Books

WHO: Anyone interested in raising their awareness of child online protection and raising a child in the digital age.

WHAT: Issues and themes identified by parents as key concerns are resolved in an easy-to-read, parent-friendly manner.

HOW: Best practices, guidance and support can be found in any format, depending upon your preferences: guides, workbooks, e-books, card-decks or downloads. 




Communicate your concerns and tensions through a virtual 1:1 session and have a Digital "Super Nanny" peeking over your shoulder, whispering tried-and-true solutions in your ear.

Elizabeth listens to your individual needs and helps you design family-specific solutions and strategies based on her experience as a digital parenting consultant and coach.

BOOK HERE -- Individuals


Receive intensive guidance on issues affecting your community or group in an interactive and dynamic manner, designed to boost awareness and confidence for all participants.

Elizabeth walks workshop participants (max 50) through key issues during a 1.5 hr session targeted for YOUR audience (10-yr old scouts, 40-yr old parents or 60-yr old grandparents or ??)

BOOK HERE -- Groups


Gather your employees together for a 1.5 hr session, where they bring their lunch and leave feeling empowered to support their families on internet, social media and technology challenges.

Elizabeth provides a compact program of information and exchange so that participants (max 100) derive a maximum of benefits, followed by resources for home review.

BOOK HERE -- Businesses

Online Coaching

WHO:  (Individuals) These one-to-one sessions are for you if you have tension at home regarding your child's online activities, you are dealing with different aged children or you  would like to exchange directly with Elizabeth. 

WHAT:  You will discuss with Elizabeth what your children are doing online and how to keep them safe, followed by tips to resolve the tension and strategies to develop a more positive online experience and lifestyle for the entire family.

HOW:  You have a choice of 3 methods (1 hr, 2 hrs, or 6 hrs) to work with Elizabeth to develop a personalized program for your family, based on your needs and challenges.


Online Workshops

WHO: (Groups or Associations) These online workshops are for groups that would like to increase their internet safety, digital citizenship or digital parenting skills. Typical groups: parent-teacher associations, scouting organizations, etc.

WHAT: The bespoke sessions are tailored to issues that the target audience may be faced with and are designed to increase awareness and confidence in navigating the internet.

HOW: During the 1.5 hour session, Elizabeth will present some of the key knowledge that participants should understand, followed by a guided Q&A session designed to provoke thought, discussion and exchange.


Lunch & Learn

WHO: (Businesses) These training sessions are for businesses that would like to provide employee-parents with insights into digital parenting, online safety or digital wellness.

WHAT: The bespoke sessions are designed to bring employee-parents together to share, collaborate and learn about different strategies to create a positive online family experience.

HOW: During the intensive lunch session, employee-parents will identify trends and challenges in the online space and create strategies through interactive exchanges.


Join our free, private Digital Parenting Community

Our ultimate community goal is to provide up-to-date support for parents in the digital age. We have an awesome community of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cyber security experts, child psychologists, school counsellors and more.

I answer questions on a daily basis and use every tool I have in my arsenal to empower our Digital Parenting Community. I also encourage parents to share their wisdom too.

This is a safe space for us to help each other and our digital families!


"ONLINE TOOLKIT, Digital Parenting Essentials: The bite size of the videos was excellent. I love how the toolkit was organized under subheadings. Walking through the benefits was priceless - it helps to keep things in perspective. I feel reassured as a mom."

Mom of two
Mommy CEO