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Fortnite Mini-Kit Offer

Get a quick lesson on Fortnite and what makes it so enticing to your children, followed by strategies to allow your children to play responsibly.

What you'll get:

  • video training accompanied by powerpoints
  • pdf resources
  • Fortnite factsheets

What the mini-kit covers:

  • Understand the game-play basics
  • Recognize the many benefits of online video gaming
  • Identify the risks in the game along with solutions to reduce those risks
  • Answers to questions like: What is Fortnite? How do you play it? Why does your child want to play it for hours? At what age can a child play Fortnite?
  • Identify warning signs that your child may be playing a bit too much
  • Learn strategies to keep your child safe while playing Fortnite

PLEASE NOTE THAT this is a pre-order and that the Online Mini-Kit will be delivered into your inbox within 7 days of purchase.