Online Events & Workshops

Online Group Workshops

Gather your participants together for a 1.0 hr session, where they bring their lunch and leave feeling empowered to support their families on internet, social media and technology challenges.


The workshop contains a compact program of information and exchange so that participants derive a maximum of benefits, followed by resources for home review.

Online Speaking Events

Whether you need an online safety expert for a panel, conference or keynote, we have you covered on child online protection.


All speaking events are tailored according to your event outcomes and the needs of your audience.  We ensure that engagement, entertainment and expertise are delivered to maximum effect. 

Online Corporate Workshops

Receive intensive guidance on issues affecting your community or group in an interactive and dynamic manner, designed to boost awareness and confidence for all participants - from scouts to grandparents.


Workshop participants understand why being online is so enticing and how to reduce harmful effects while boosting online opportunities.

"Digitalem provides a practical, positive approach to digital safety and wellbeing - absolutely invaluable for me and my family!" - Delphine

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