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This post lists trends in online slang. Read fast because it changes even faster.

7Even though this is one of the trickier How-To’s to write, I think the importance lies in recognizing that our young people have their own language and ways of communication online.  Parents should be aware of some of the dangerous acronyms linked to sex, pornography, bullying and other undesirable activities.

There is also a distinction between acronyms used texting and when on social media sites. For example, you generally find the racier acronyms for sex and relationships on dating sites, but NOT ALWAYS.  Unsavory characters who groom children do use the latest slang when communicating with a child by text or social media networking site or gaming console.

I have included as many of the acronyms and slang that I could find and listed them all together by theme rather than by type (text message, dating site message).  There are so many that can be cross-referenced that I am pretty sure you can figure it out.

Let me add that the idea of actually getting hip (and staying hip) to what the young people are saying online, is as easy as it was for our parents to understand what we were saying back in the day.

I mean, I don’t want you to totally freak out, but I was super psyched to write this section. Until I realized that I could never keep this section up-to-date. I was like, “dream on.” But seeing as how this is for the parents, I’m not going to be a chump. I will write this. Can you dig it?

Oh and can I note that acronyms will obviously change according to culture, some of the US cyberslang is different from the UK cyberslang as it is different from the Australian cyberslang.  And language will have an impact as well, although some of my French law students mentioned that they used several of the American acronyms.

And JSYK (just so you know), FYI is so old school. Just sayin’.


143           I love you

1432        I love you too

ATM        At The moment

AMA        Ask Me Anything

BAE         Before Anyone Else (babe)

CICYHW   Can I Copy Your Homework?

gerd         Abbreviaton for ermagerd (Oh my God)

GR8         Great

CMB        Call Me Back

CUNS      See You In School

DAE        Does Anyone Else

DM          Direct Message

ELI5        Explain Like I’m 5

F2F          Face to Face

FOAF       Friend Of A Friend

FTW         For The Win

FTFY       Fixed That For You

GTG         Got to Go

HAK         Hugs and Kisses

HIFW      How I Felt When

HMU        Hit Me Up

IDC           I Don’t Care

IDK           I don’t Know

ICYMI     In Case You Missed It

IKR           I Know, Right?

IMO          In My Opinion

IMHO      In My Humble Opinion

ITA/D       I Totally Agree/Disagree

IRL           In Real Life

J/K           Just Kidding

JSYK        Just So You Know

KK            Okay

KWIM       Know what I mean?

L&R           Love and respect

Lulz           Kicks (as in for kicks)

mmk         Mmm…okay

MEGO      My Eyes are Glazing Over

MIRL       Me in Real Life

MFW        My Face When

MRW       My Reaction When

MYT          Meet You There

NAGI         Not A Good Idea

NBD          No Big Deal

NGH         Not Gonna Happen

NMP         Not My Problem

NSFW       Not Safe for Work

NSFL        Not Safe for Life

NTIM        Not That It Matters

N00B       Newbie

OATUS    On a totally unrelated subject

ORLY       Oh, really?

P&C          Private and Confidential

PITA        Pain in the A**

PMHT     Pardon My Hashtags (apology for using lots of hashtags)

QQ           Crying (often humorously)

QFT         Quoted For Truth

REHI       Hi, again

RUOK       Are You OK?

SFSG        So Far So Good

SLT           Something Like That

SMH         Shaking My Head

SMDH      Shaking My Damn Head

SOBT        Stressed Out Big Time

SUP          What’s up?

TBT          Throwback Thursday

TIL            Today I learned

TL;DR      Too Long, Didn’t Read

UOK         Are you okay?

VCDA        Vaya Con Dios, Amigo

VSF          Very Sad Face

WDYM     What Do You Mean?

WFM        Works For Me

WRUD      What Are You Doing?

WTG        Way To Go!

W00T      Hooray!

WTH        What The Hell?

YOLO       You Only Live Once

YMMV     Your Mileage May Vary (as in your experience may be different)

XOXOZZZ Hugs, kisses, sweet dreams

ZOMG       Oh my God


4Q             F*** You

Dafuq       What the F***

FML         F*** My Life

GTFO       Get the F*** Out

IDGAF     I Don’t Give a F***

NSS           No Sh*t Sherlock

SOL           Sh** Out of Luck


AITR         Adult in the Room

303           Mom

M/POS     Mom/Parents over shoulder

PIR           Parent in Room

PAL          Parents are Listening

PAW         Parents are Watching

CD9          Parents around

Code 9     Parents around

PA             Parent Alert

PA911       Parent Alert

9                Parent Watching

99              Parent Gone


53X            Sex

?^              Want to Hook Up?

ASLP        (What is your) Age/Sex/Location/Picture? (Also ASL)

CU46         See You For Sex

DYHAB     Do You Have A Boyfriend

DYHAG     Do You Have A Girlfriend?

DTH          Down To Hang (I’m up for getting together)

FWB          Friends With Benefits

GNOC       Get Naked on Camera

I&I             Intercourse & Inebriation

IPN            I’m Posting Naked

LH6           Let’s Have Sex

LJBF         Let’s just be friends

LMIRL      Let’s Meet In Real Life

LYLAB       Love You Like A Brother

LYLAS       Love You Like A Sister

NSA           No Strings Attached

RU/18       Are You Over 18?

WTTP       Want To Trade Pictures?


1174         The meeting place for a party

420          Marijuana

BYAM     Between You and Me

4YEO      For Your Eyes Only

CRAFT    Can’t Remember a F***ing  Thing

DADT      Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

DOC         Drug Of Choice

TWD        Texting While Driving

WTPA       Where’s The Party At?

%\              Hangover

#-)             Exhausted, partied all night

%*}            Inebriated

A super shout-out and thanks to Cool Tech Mom for creating a super list of 99 texting acronyms that every parent should know and Make Use Of for adding the latest and greatest in trendy acronyms.

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