Digital Parenting Workshops

Digital Parenting workshops are 2-hour informational seminars where parents learn the latest in online safety (30-45 minute presentation) followed by interactive discussion on issues relevant to each parent. I moderate each workshop with the goal that parents will walk out of the seminar feeling more confident, less anxious and ready to communicate with their child about some of the icky things online.

In every workshop, parents will:

Understand the risks and benefits of the digital highway.

Are you interested in learning more about keeping your child safe while he navigates online technology?

Do you want to get tuned in to the latest online acronyms in the tween and teen crowd? Acronyms like POS (parent over shoulder), W2M (want to meet) or BIH (burn in hell)?

Do you know what is a selfie, sexting, happy slapping, revenge porn or sharking? As a parent, you should.

Learn measures to better protect your child.

As a parent, we understand that we can never protect our children 100%, in every circumstance, at all times. But we can learn as much as we can about safety measures to ensure that we have taken adequate steps to protect our children.

On the digital highway, setting up parental controls, filters and safety measures for online technologies is the first step in increasing child protection for your younger child. For an older child, communication becomes your key ally.

Become aware of little changes that can increase online safety.

Whether you are a technophile or Digital Dinosaur, online technology is ever-evolving and you need to be aware of the latest trends as well as safety tools that you are available to you.

Upon completion of a short questionnaire, the workshop activities will be tailored to the specific issues of the parents and ages of their children.

Past workshop topics

  • Internet, Technology and Social Media: Challenges and Trends
  • Parenting in the Digital Age: Issues and Resources
  • Screens, Tweens and Teens: How to guide your children in the digital age
  • Engaging Parents in the Digital Age
  • Digital Citizenship: Education and Advancement
  • Digital Empowerment for Tween Girls
  • Comment accompagner nos enfants face aux écrans?

What you will get out of the workshop?

  • You will receive a brief update on social media apps, games and Internet trends and issues.
  • You will understand what children are doing across Europe and in the US.
  • You will be provided with best parenting practices in Europe and in the US.
  • You will engage in a discussion on parental tools and their necessity (or not).
  • You will hear empowering stories to increase your awareness level.
  • You will share with other parents and realize that you are not alone.


  • Tip sheets for varying issues (depending on questionnaire responses).
  • Family media agreements to be tailored to your family situation.
  • Resources list for Internet associations and organizations protecting children.


A willingness to discuss, share, exchange and learn from other Internaut parents.

Workshop Fees

Digital Parenting workshops can be tailored to several environments: companies, organizations, schools, parent associations or a group of parents.  Please contact me so that we can discuss your needs, my rates and how a workshop can best serve you.


If after the workshop, you find that the session did not meet your needs, I will offer you a complimentary 1:1 Digital Parenting coaching session.

Want to schedule a workshop?

Contact me to schedule a workshop at a time and place of your convenience.  Not located in Paris, France? Not a problem.  Contact me to see how we can schedule an online workshop.  I’m here for you!